Chimney Cap to Prevent Wildlife
Chimney Cap to Prevent Wildlife

Birds in Chimney

Birds typically look for tall, hollow structures to nest in. Unfortunately for Arcadia homeowners, chimneys are prime real estate for a bird looking to make a nest. If there happens to be heat coming out of the chimney makes the structure even more appealing to the pesky birds. If a bird does happen to nest in your chimney, you can expect problems ranging from bad odors to chimney fires. An infestation of birds in a chimney is no laughing matter. It can be both difficult and dangerous to remove a bird nest from a chimney on your own. It is very important that you contact professional wildlife removal specialists in DeSoto County to take care of your bird problem.

Where there are birds there are bird droppings. Bird droppings always pose a risk of spreading disease to you and your loved ones. Even if the bird’s nest is removed from the chimney, professional wildlife removal specialists are needed to ensure that all of the disease-riddled bird droppings are properly removed. Everything from the feathers left behind by birds, to the nesting itself can make anyone dangerously ill. In order to protect yourself and the members of your household, contact a wildlife removal specialist as soon as possible.

Bird Damage to Chimney

Not only are birds a major health risk, they also pose a serious fire risk. Dead birds and nesting materials can be extremely flammable. Dried bird waste and soot in the chimney add to the already high risk of a fire. If there is a bird nest in your chimney, all it takes is a single spark or ember to start a major house fire.

Once all the dangerous materials are removed, wildlife control specialists are able to install a cap on your chimney in order to prevent the birds from coming back. If you have never had a bird infestation wildlife removal professionals will gladly put a cap on your chimney to prevent the problem in the first place.