A Bird on the Roof
A Bird on the Roof

There Are Birds in the Soffit!

Birds in the soffit are a very common problem with Arcadia homes that were built in the past 20 years. Unfortunately, building practices have become cheaper, to build homes faster. Craftsmanship has dwindled, so if a measurement is wrong, they will hastily place plywood over the crack or just leave it how it is.

Birds may also use the gutter area to gain entry into the soffit. Between the roof plywood and the fascia board, there is sometimes a gap. It should be covered with metal but not always. If this gap exists, the birds will get in above the gutters

Birds will see this crack and take advantage of it and will try to force their way in to build a nest. Once, they have entered they will promptly build a nest to have babies, which are about 2 sets a year. These birds will then have prompt access to the attic, bringing in many different parasites into your home. Lice and mites are just a few of the parasites birds will bring into your home. Once they found a way in, they can spread throughout the house and wreak havoc on you and your family.

What Should I Do?

Once they build a nest, it is time to get them out as soon as possible. As stated, birds carry several different types of bugs, and once the birds leave, the bugs will stay! Then, the bugs will start looking for a new host to bother. Which the closest host happens to be you and your family.

We recommend that you call in a professional that can deal with these situations. Some can be resolved by you the homeowner, but this is not one of them as you will need, ladders, wallboards, knowledge, and chemicals. This work often requires a tall ladder, and fall from ladders is not recommended for your health. Call us at Xceptional Wildlife, we handle all of these and more. Plus, our inspections are free!

Getting ready to fix the soffit
Getting ready to fix the soffit

How We Get Birds Out of Soffit

Our bird specialist first starts by identifying the bird species in your Arcadia home. Depending on the species and what they are doing with tell us what we can do to get them out. The most common birds in soffits are European Starlings and English House Sparrows. Both of which are invasive and unprotected.

Once our technician determines the species of bird they will inspect the area for any bird entry points in the roof and soffit areas. We can then determine the best plan of action. This may be be hand removal or the use of a one way bird door. We will then be able to remove the birds nest, we may need to remove a piece of soffit or two. We can then clean the bird nesting area and disinfect the area. Our technicians are trained in birds nest removal and carry proper protective equipment such as respirators and gloves to safely remove the birds nest. After the birds are gone and the nest is removed we will repair the birds entry point and bird proof the area.