Bird resting in a vent opening
Bird resting in a vent opening

There Is a Bird in My Vent!

Vents are part of every home or business in DeSoto County and they are very appealing to birds. Exhaust vents, dryer vents and bathroom vents are all possible homes for them and potential trouble for the homeowner. We frequently get calls from residents in Arcadia regarding foul odors or maggots coming from the vent in their bathroom, nest materials hanging from exterior vent openings, vent cover damage or dryers that have stopped working altogether. These are all signs that birds have gotten in the vents and are probably damaging them. This is something you should not try to fix on your own. You will need the help of a specialist with the knowledge and proper training. We can help!

Dryer Vent Damage from Birds

This issue is not only an annoying one, it is a dangerous one as well. There are thousands of house fires caused by dryers, many of those were a result of a blocked dryer vents. When a bird gets into your dryer vent it will bring nest building materials with them. These materials will block the vent and they are usually flammable materials.

This can also cause the lint trying to go through the vent to accumulate since there is nowhere for it to go. Over time, this will cause your dryer to perform poorly and become a very real fire hazard. Both lint and bird nests are highly flammable, this is something you need to address quickly if you notice the signs of a problem. You might notice that your dryer is not drying your clothes in a normal cycle anymore. Or, your clothes may be very hot to the touch when the cycle is finished. Call us for an inspection and let us help to ensure the safety of your home and your family.

A Bird getting in the Exhaust Vent
A Bird getting in the Exhaust Vent

Get Birds Out of Exhaust Vents

Birds can enter a bathroom exhaust pretty easily and go unnoticed for a while. After entering the vent they will make their way through the exhaust tubing and end up in an area between floors or above your bathroom between joists. Once inside, they can build nests and get comfortable. This is when the damage occurs. If birds are living in this area there will be a lot of droppings to clean up later.

The situation will also become noisy, especially if baby birds have hatched and are out of the nest. You will hear a lot of shuffling and possibly chirping or flapping. You may even notice mites coming from your vent that have been brought in by the birds. This will happen more often in warm months. If not taken care of, this problem can result in dead birds, a lot of mess and a lot of noise. We are available to inspect your exhaust vents and safely remove any birds that may be in the vents. We can also assist with the cleanup of any droppings and nesting materials as well as repairs to the exhaust tubing and vent. Call us to schedule today.

Why Shouldn’t I Leave Them in There?

There are quite a few issues with having birds in your vents; some of which include lice and mites. Birds are carriers for both lice and mites, so when a bird has access to the vents, so will mice and lice. Most of the time, the vents are located in the kitchen or bathrooms, which are usually right next to bedrooms. You usually hear the birds, but you will see the insects fall from the vents. Most customers will complain of bugs falling inside the bathroom from the vent areas. Once the problem becomes this bad, the only solution is to call a professional pest control company trained to treat these pests.

There is another issue that can arise, which is birds blocking the ventilation. With the number of nesting materials, birds will use to build a nest, they will always completely clog the vent.  This will block airflow, this is extremely bad if it is a gas vent or a dryer vent, which can lead to carbon dioxide/monoxide issues and fire hazards. You should always have these issues solved by professionals. Our technicians in Arcadia are trained and are accustomed to dealing with birds in the vents. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote!